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Oh, otherwise, I'm going to build the circuit, hopefully this weekend, and compare the "forward" and "reverse" MOSFET configurations, with a dummy load, on the +5v line.

It occured to me that the reason that current does not flow from one PSU to another, while they're on, is because there's a load on the rails. Not a significant revelation, but it got me thinking about how there should be an internal resistance to the supplies, as there is with any supply, and that there ought to be a minimal load on the array, to keep things balanced: the lower the load, the more out of balance the load would be on the PSUs, until there's no load, at which point the PSUs just feed each other.

So I'm wondering if a simple 10K resistor to ground would take care of it, meaning, making sure that there's always a load, and allowing the balancing circuit to actually keep running, while avoiding the feedback problem. Extended, I figure that this load resistor would actually have to be sized relative to the PSU's internal resistance.

Does anyone know if I'm on the right track here, or if I'm just blowing smoke?

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