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I found the Maxim chip adapter: it's p/n 8SSO-D3-SMT-S.

After having had a chance to think about yesterday, I thought I'd share these thoughts:

-It's difficult to solder the small ICs, and I may have not soldered them well enough. I'm guessing that pre-tinning the adapter is best.

-I don't know if I blew a driver output: I'll have to fire it up again, sometime. I might order the 50 Ohm resistor first, since I didn't use any. I'm aware that they're static sensitive, but I don't think I zapped anything.

-The first failure may have been caused by a damaged MOSFET, which I twisted severely, when mounting the heatsink. I had marked that MOSFET with a red marker.

-If one of the driver lines is blown, it's ok, 'cause I'll be using the Maxim chip to drive the 12v line.

-I an NOT looking forward to soldering the Maxim chip to the adapter, once I've ordered it.

-Blowing the line seems to have occured as I left the driver on, when powering it up.
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