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Default Gallery Posting Rules - You MUST read before posting!


1. Post your Pics in your OWN thread! do NOT post under someone else’s.

2. For each system you want to post pics of, please start a new thread.

3. Please keep it on topic, any posting of inappropriate images will result in you being banned from the Forums.

4. In your topic, Please describe generally what your system is ( ex: "Painted and Windowed Antec Case", etc...), do NOT use topics like "Check this out".

5. You are limited to 1 35k picture per post ( if you are attaching them to the forum and hosting them on the forum software). If you are linking to them from an external source, you are limited to 15 picture per post.

6. Please give a description of what your machine is, what it has in it, or what the cooling system parts are also. People are reading the listing cause they are interested in what you have, now’s your time to show off!

If you have any comments or ideas PLEASE email
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