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Default Re: Attention All 4100 owners

One of the errors are constant disk checks and resync on restarts. Unless you reboot you may not notice you have problem, then it's to late. Just pop the top and see if yours MB is a 003, if so the mod has likely already been done. If it's a 001 you will need to look closely. Some have and others not. The 001 board was a 120gig (4 x 30gig), did not have the fix. The 003 was a 240gig (4 x 60gig) had the repair. I have not had the chance to look at other models to see if its just the 120gig (and maybe 240 gig) model effected.

This problem only show up after you upgrade the HD, on 120 models. I do not have enough info to know if other models are effected. So far all of the models 240gig and greater that I have seen, has had the mod (003 boards).
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Link to SnapOS FAQ's

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