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Default Re: Attention lurkers!

Originally Posted by Phoenix32 View Post
I am sick and tired of helping people, or at least trying, when they can't even be bothered to return the favor to me or others. Often wthout so much as a thank you and/or how it all turned out... They speak up, only when they themselves need help, and then disappear just as quickly once they get what they want.
I certainly understand your feelings there.

Sadly i often have very little to actually contribute other than on the odd occasion, but if i see something i can/may help with then i will try.

As you say... with very few people posting anything in the first place, there's very little to reply to.

I could post something myself, but at the moment i don't know what. I'm not in need of any help right now and have limited experience to help others. Some subjects i am knowledgeable on and others not so much if at all, so i can only pitch in where i can add something of possible value.

There isn't much i can say about my own snap servers. I have about a dozen in various models, ranging from really old to somewhat newer. They are mostly switched off, and in various states of dissarray. Not faulty, but more, works in progress. I have a couple that i use as for general backups periodicly but at the moment given my often busy life and work schedule i haven't got around to setting everything up properly or exactly how i want it.

For instance i have several 4500's and a nice rack for them to go in, but at the moment i still need to make some mods to the rack and buy some other bits to go in there too. I don't have wads of cash to spare so i just pick up odd 2nd hand bargains when and where i can, as they become available. I'm sure at some point i'll get things set up close to how i'd like them but meh, who invented only 24 hours in a day. I only sleep about 4 hours a day as it is and still never seem to have enough time for anything.

Well, i do check in here most days to see if there is anything new happening but other than my little tale above i'm all out of things to say.

I do feel your frustration though, i was thinking only the same a few days back and probably for the same reasons that you have spoken of, here. I suppose when someone is new to the place then they may have only just found the site because they are in need of help. I would expect though that someone who has been here a while, would certainly not fall into that category and could atleast pop back with an update. Atleast that way one (and others who read and lurk) will know if the help was of any use or not.

If i give help on something and never find out if "my" solution worked or not, then i could just be giving bad advice and that's of no use to anyone. A simple thanks that worked, gives feedback so that others know the solution was ok as well as one's self. It's a bit like reward for the time you spent thinking about the solution and the time you put in to try and explain it in a way others possibly less knowledgeable may understand. It doesn't cost a lot of time or effort for someone to type a line or so, to say the solution was a success and certainly not half as much effort or time as the helper has put in.

Anyway, i feel like i'm on a rant now, and that is not my intention. Let's just say i understand and also hope that this post atleast serves the purpose of me posting about "something" rather than posting nothing.
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