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Default Re: Attention lurkers!

Originally Posted by SaFeHeX View Post
Sadly i often have very little to actually contribute other than on the odd occasion, but if i see something i can/may help with then i will try.
Well, IMHO you are one of the very few who does try to help. No worries there from me at least.

Originally Posted by SaFeHeX View Post
As you say... with very few people posting anything in the first place, there's very little to reply to.

I could post something myself, but at the moment i don't know what. I'm not in need of any help right now and have limited experience to help others. Some subjects i am knowledgeable on and others not so much if at all, so i can only pitch in where i can add something of possible value.
It is not about people posting, just to post, or posting new message threads all the time. It is about at least participating in those message threads that are there, like you just did in this one. Its about just taking the few moments to add an idea, opinion, agreement, respectful disagreement, or whatever to the conversation. "Participation"

Originally Posted by SaFeHeX View Post
I do feel your frustration though, i was thinking only the same a few days back and probably for the same reasons that you have spoken of, here. I suppose when someone is new to the place then they may have only just found the site because they are in need of help. I would expect though that someone who has been here a while, would certainly not fall into that category and could atleast pop back with an update. Atleast that way one (and others who read and lurk) will know if the help was of any use or not.
While it is a little off the track I was on when I posted this message thread, it is not very far off at all and I will address that here. A couple of the very most frustrating things David and I have both talked about to each other many many many, many, times you just mentioned one of. Even when the forum was at its most active, with many posts daily, these two things were sadly the rule, not the exceptions

1. Someone would ask for help, people would reply, they would ask a few more questions, they would get answers, and poof, never hear from them again. Leaving us always wondering if what we told them worked for them or not, or which thing we told them worked for them. Very frustration, and IMO disrespectful.

2. And then there is David's favorite. People asking the same questions over and over that are very very common and posted all over the forum. The most frustrating thing about it is by far most of the time, it was something that had just been answered a couple days ago, or even worse, in the very message thread they were asking it in! While I myself would never expect anyone to search the entire forum for some answer (that would be huge), I would expect them to do at least a quick look/search, and at least read the message thread they are posting in. It is frustrating when people just want to be spoon fed.
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