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Default Re: Attention lurkers!

What an attitude!

The point about people looking for answers not using the search function first is valid (and is a problem on every forum I frequent on the interwebs). And it should go without saying (really, it should) that if you have received some help, you should say thanks. On both counts, guilty parties are deserving of a snarky response. However, imo the rest of the OPs post is pure BS.

Yes, this forum is pretty quiet. This is a forum about a relatively obscure brand of products in a relatively obscure market segment. Surprise, surprise... there are more people with questions than people with answers. Do you really want people "participating" when they don't have anything helpful or interesting to say?

Forums with a "sense of community" develop where the subject of the forum is something people are passionate about. Most people asking questions in this forum are not passionate about Snap Servers, they are just trying to get answers to utilitarian technical questions, and they wind up here because the google sends them here.

If you are blessed with the ability to help someone, and choose not to, that is your perogative. But there is no need for the attitude.

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