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Default Re: Attention lurkers!

Originally Posted by dgoodrich View Post
What an attitude!
Originally Posted by dgoodrich View Post
However, imo the rest of the OPs post is pure BS.
Well, I strongly disagree, but you are entitled to your opinion..

Originally Posted by dgoodrich View Post
This is a forum about a relatively obscure brand of products in a relatively obscure market segment. Surprise, surprise... there are more people with questions than people with answers.
You are a real jokester (or very unknowledgeable in this field). Obscure Brand? The Snap Servers are "THE BRAND" all other NAS devices are measured against in the top end computing world. Obscure Market Segment? NAS devices? Dude, you need to wake up. That comment of yours was insane...

Originally Posted by dgoodrich View Post
Do you really want people "participating" when they don't have anything helpful or interesting to say?
Are you suggesting people here are idiots at worst, or dull at best, that they would not have anything worth saying to participate? Really? Not even thought provoking questions? Or for all the ton of IT people that come here, none of them have a clue? Really?

Originally Posted by dgoodrich View Post
What an attitude!

If you are blessed with the ability to help someone, and choose not to, that is your perogative. But there is no need for the attitude.
Really? When you have been here as long as me, have helped (often thanklessly) as many people as I have here, have been ignored when asking for opinions or ideas, then you have earned the right to tell me I have an attitude and there is no need for it. Until then......

But I digress, you have a right to your opinion, even if it makes no sense, is hostile, and above all, wrong.

I myself, welcome your opinion (and post). I would rather hear your opinion rather than hear silence. And I do mean that. But, be fair warned, while I can take it, I can dish it out in kind very very well.

You could have just as easily said your opinion without telling me what I said was BS, or that I have an attitude, or.... So don't cry when I slap back...

Me? Hell, I love a good arguement (or debate), but you better be prepared...

And for the record, I am not soft skinned nor was I offended. I am just replying in kind... With my opinion, same as you did...
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