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Default Re: Attention lurkers!

Come on dgoodrich, where is your high and mighty attitude now? No replies to me when I shoot your comments all to hell with simple logic and valid information?

Did you read (of course you did) the recent posts where 50 to 100 lurkers here read the posts but offered no help?

Did you notice one of those people wanting help was him/her-self a lurker?

It is high time people who read here learn to get involved, act like decent human beings, and help one another.

Yes, I am damn sick of it. Years ago, when someone needed help, most people stepped up to help each other. Now days, people are self centered and very few people will step forward to help another person unless there is something in it for them. Well I am not one to sit back and just shake my head. I am calling these jerks out on it.

Anyone here got the balls to debate me on this? BRING IT! But you better buckle up if you do, you will be in for the ride of your life. I am no pussycat.


David, speak up. Did I say one thing here that was not true?
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