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Default Re: Attention lurkers!

What kind of reply a "green" can post here???

I understand there is an obscure place to talk about obsucure stuff.

But someone like me have nothing to say to a genius that we can find here!

I know that people create useless threads instead of using the search button! And It's common in forums and it is a plague, because I know I'm a forum adminsitator in another domain, but it's life.

I am passionate about my other domain and I answered as I can each time and every time I ask for an acknowledgment or follow-up. Some do some do not...

that's life

My self have used that forum to understant how it work how to uprgrade our snap 520. Of cours I have posted my adventure and my result.

I have asked question that already anwsered because I was not sur about comprehension of detail

Don't forget, people have to start somewhere, many of them do not understand what is a forum!

This is what we here

PS: sorry for my bad englisgh
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