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Default Re: Sick Algae Buildup

OK I know this thread is OLD but this one has to be, takes time to get the “shit”.
My system needs to be cleaned, not for better cooling but the chunks sometimes gets stuck in my pump (starts to vibrate=makes noise=I have to tap on the pump and boost the RPM). The clogging lately have made my pump stop a few times as well… due to extremely low rpms (just so It starts)
I have LONG and BIG gray/brown stuff flowing around the system. The system has been running for (1,5+1,5) 3 years now (20% overclock 24/7). The system was pre cleaned and have been running on distilled water with “D-TEX SuperCool”. Quite funny, this stuff was the best additive at the time, but when I read on the bottle (have 1,5 bottle left) it says nothing about anti bacterial/algae.
My plan now is to clean the system at the same time as I’m changing the computer components (need to make a new holder for my CPU-cooler so that it fits a 775).
I OC an E6600 to 3,6GHz (from 2,4GHz) yesterday and hit the temperature barrier again.
I will post any cleaning progress here with pictures.

PS Have anyone seen any good Northbridge coolers? Or one that can be clamped to the existing heat pipes? DS

Edit: Now the system below is with an Liang something ultra pump an one internal 2*12cm radiator and HL120.3 externally (can bee disconnected). All the fans and the pump is controlled by an m-cube NG-BIG.
Very old specs below, but I keep it for sentimental values :-/
Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2, Barton 2500@3200 -11*201MHz, X800 XL , 1 GB Cosair 3200 (6-2-2-2) @400MHz in dual channel
TurboBlock Rev. 1.0
~0,15452756±0,004125251°C/W , HL120.3 with 3 Papst 4412@7volt , Hydor L30II

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