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mac isn's as ominous as it sounds; I HAD to have a new notebook before going on a sabbatical and at the campus store the 15" Macbook Pro had similar/better specs to all the PCs available. I have been wanting to try out OS X anyway so I gave it a go. I still bootcamp into Windows to game (even with steam mac gaming is LOL) and I have a virtual machine running Win7 for work all the time. I do really like expose' and spaces and the operating system though and this is one of the nicer notebooks I've owned.

I moved our whole family down here Jan1-April 29 for a break from Canada. It was a pretty great move as the beaches here are spectacular.

I'm actually thinking about building one of those "ludicrous gamer" rigs in May when I get back to Canada, and I may well watercool then just to impress the ladies.
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