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Originally Posted by Jackal

But I think the days when I was making my waterblocks on a drill press are finally over. I managed to get an agreement to use the mill at my father's workplace. Of course only when it's free. Unfortunately that's mostly over the night. But that isn't a problem for me. And it's a huge mill (Prvomajska) over 4 meters high with 40HP engine and hydraulic XYZ table with manual or automatic feed.

Unfortunately this last weekend the mill was fully ocupied by others so I couldn't get any work on the block done. The other problem is that the block probably won't be finished before than in two to three weeks, because it's the end of semester at our faculty and I have to study hard for some exams and I live approximately 150 km away from home (I study at the faculty of electrical engineering - electronics & microprocessor systems - 4th year finished now). The good thing is that I choose to make a microprocessor controlled CNC controller for one of the subjects to pass And after that there will be no more milling by hand for me.
And its going to be GNU? Please please
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