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I realize I may have confused a few people with the links I posted...

The spring idea is independant from turbulators. I just posted the link because I though that it was of interest (it came up in my search), since the cooling problem that we have to solve is this boundary layer thing, where in a tube for example, the coolant in the middle of the tube flows faster than the perimeter. The spring, any helicoidal form would probably do, but its purpose is strictly to induce a little bit of turbulence to break up where the coolant sticks to the walls.

As for turbulators, I was inspired by the TC-4 block, Morphling pyramid base block (and everyone else who tried, and failed) and this latest thing that I found in a magazine called "Flow Control": a flow meter based on turbulence, for which I'll post a picture Monday. Anyways, the idea is to force the water into a spin before it enters the block. For lack of a picture, try to imagine a boat propeller shaped thingy, fit right into a center inlet.

Following my design#2, where a middle tube is surrounded by a large 2 inch tube, it would be perfect... at least as far as my little knowledge can take me.

For those who prefer a channel type design, then you can use the spring. Alternatively, I would even advance that the channels could be grooved, similar to a riffle barrel. It's not meant to induce a circular motion, it's just a little add-on to help break up the boundary layer.
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