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Default Re: MCW60-T™ Liquid Cooled Thermoelectric Assembly for Graphics Processors

$45 for WB
$45 for pelt at retail price
$15 for coldplate
$5-8 fpr ceramique
$10 for neoprene foam to make own gasket
@ $120-123

Seems priced about right for retail, expecially if you built a unit buying everything at retail. To bad they don't have the unit without the pelt around $60-80. Might call swiftech to find out.

I doubt the data is completly linear so they must be approximations but shouldn't matter that much. The curves shouldn't vary much if load increases but coolant temps was held at constant 35C. That doesn't apply to a real running looping though so is some what deceiving. Plus running at pelt at higher voltages produced smaller improvements.
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