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Originally Posted by ljohn787
Pretty much decided to go with Tex's "wavy channel" design. Already cut my first design, now in the process of cutting the second. The other thing that sucks about the converter I use is that it writes some of the weirdest g-code ever, and I'm not sure the time spent optimizing the code would be worth it in the end. However, the first cut looked good. It's been cutting for almost an hour now.

Some questions:
1) Can I get orings from a hardware store? Delrin?
2) Best method of securing barbs into the Delrin?

I don't know where you can purchase Delrin, but some Teflon tape is sufficient for securing the barbs.

I suggest you to put the water inlet in the very center of the block.

Could you send your G-code as an attachment, I would really like to run a backplot of it.
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