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Unread 12-16-2008, 11:30 AM   #1
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Default Need a Guardian OS or Snap OS software update?

I'm in contact with a reseller.

I'm getting prices for ***software only*** 1 year maintenance at an extreme savings over prices Adaptec charged in the past.

My understanding at this time is older GOS versions are covered through changes including V5 updates that occur during the year.

I'm asking about the possibilities of Snap OS pricing.

To be open and honest, I'm looking for a discount in the price of my contract in exchange of helping get the right contact/supplier/method out to those running old software on legacy devices that no longer have hardware maintenance available.

Please PM me if there is an interest. It would be helpful to everyone to break the bootleg software cycle, have people running up to date software, and allow the new company to know where all the devices went and who their current customers are.

Sales will be direct with the service provider and are less than manufacturer suggested prices. I'm not looking to get into the business.

Either way I'm getting one, but let me know what your questions might be and if you want a legal copy to make your snap server serve with the latest updates available for the platform. I'm trying to get an interest level.

More to come if there's an interest coming quickly...and I do mean quick.
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Unread 12-21-2008, 06:40 AM   #2
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Default Re: Need a Guardian OS or Snap OS software update?

With 68 views and no comments directed to me, I guess this closes my interest on the subject at this time. That's cool.

So here's the deal:

Overland may or may not offer a software only maintenance contract for your snap server.

For the 4400 I bought from Pheonix32, they do.

So the days of Adaptec charging $600 are over. This is nice when you consider many of us are using hardware that is no longer supported.

A search I did on Google showed pricing on a few websites. Check it out.

I found to get a software only contract it required an email to Overland and a full day of justifying why I didn't buy the device from the original owner that they had listed. Then another day of getting a price. Add in another half day of getting a local supplier because the fine print said that was the first choice.

The local supplier beat the price. My final cost for a true upgrade course for version 5 is $180 for the year.

If there was interest I was trying to field a list of questions to set up a process where each step and each hardware config was listed out.

Due to no interest, I'm asking the supplier to stop working on the list. I'm not going to ask someone work on a process that won't be worth the time for their efforts.

I'm happy because I have access to GOS v5 updates and I consider the cost to be reasonable even if still a bit high. But at least it's not over $600 a year. Best of luck to all who want to stay updated with a solution that keeps the company in business.

As to Snap OS questions and cost? That was on the list. No idea what different hardware may cost on GOS or what is going on with Snap OS at this time. I got an update for free from Adaptec but that took a bit of back and forth too. I was that "member" who argued with sales about having to pay for a software package that wasn't supported in order to run a piece of hardware that wasn't supported didn't make much sense as a customer. I would use that memory when considering new hardware from them in the future. Perhaps that argument still holds with Overland...
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Unread 12-22-2008, 09:06 AM   #3
Cooling Neophyte
Join Date: Apr 2003
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Default The grinch who stole Christmas sent an email....

lol, the purpose of my original post was to save users the hassles of getting a software contract. It took me 2 days to get pricing for the 4400 and guess what....

I received an email today from the service supplier that included an email from the Overland Product Manager for the Snap Server.

Basically it said the 4400 doesn't use GOS, but Snap OS, and there is no upgrade path to GOS.

At the same time I got a file attached that has list prices for software maintenance contracts.

The original quote from Overland and the resulting price from the service prover was wrong and has been pulled by them. Apparently Overland gave a price for a Snap OS software contract.

Old price of $180 turns into a new list price of $745.


That list is in the first attached file.

I have sent an email back with the question of why Overland has the same tiered pricing as Adaptec had.

I have trouble understanding why a contract for the same software has a different price when it is for a different unit and suggested that if service support is the issue, then set a phone price for that based on model. My understanding is the 4400 is not a supported item on the hardware end.

If you look at the second file, I could get a software service contract for the 110 for a lot less. It also runs GOS.

Or looking at the first list, the 4200 also runs GOS and is less than the 4400 pricing for the same product upgrades.

As to the thought that the 4400 doesn't run GOS? I responded to that with a list of legacy devices and what operating software runs on it.

Happy holidays and if there is any change in info I'll update it here.
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Unread 12-23-2008, 01:57 PM   #4
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Default Re: Need a Guardian OS or Snap OS software update?

I recently had just upgraded to version 5.x with SP1 for my 4400 and it does indeed run GOS. I am backing up, copying on a CD, and storing the GOS/SP's on another server because I do not ever want to lose them!!! It seems like such a hassle and huge cost if I ever needed them again....
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