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Unread 02-25-2009, 03:37 PM   #1
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Default Off topic-3COM Storage Server

I know its not a SNAP, but has anyone worked on or hacked one of these?

The OS is stored on the hard drive.
3COM support is not very interested in helping.
Just curious to see if anyone has tried to upgrade one, largest supported drive?
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Unread 02-25-2009, 05:01 PM   #2
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Default Re: Off topic-3COM Storage Server

Hi schoon@comcast:

I don't know of any post here that pertains to your server.

Best of luck,

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Unread 02-26-2009, 06:36 AM   #3
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Default Re: Off topic-3COM Storage Server

If you are willing to risk it and don't care if it screws up you could try a few things... BUT If you are not up to it do not do anything.

Also; see what other responses this post gets, there are sure to be some alternative thoughts to mine, Some may be upset with what I am suggesting.

Just because 3com say it only works with their drives does not necessarily mean that it is true... a long time ago Meridian Data said the drives on a Snap2000 could not be changed...

Somebody took a chance at some stage...

If I owned it I would...
swap the drive and boot it up give it some time to initialize 20+ mins then try and auto discover it with the discovery program, use a disk that is not over 137GB, better if you could stick to the same size drive that your unit has...

Make sure you have the HDD jumpers the same as the original HDD and make sure the original HDD is a standard HDD, it is probably a Pata HDD.

This is to test if the OS is really on the HDD... putting your original drive back "should" (but nobody would guarantee you) be ok?

If it works you could try bigger drives, if it does not work it may need an image file like the SNAP1100 & 2200?

All downloads


OfficeConnect Network Storage Server 20/40 User Guide PDF
Page 23

Hard Disk Safety Information
WARNING: Installation and removal of the Hard Disk must be
carried out by qualified personnel only. This Hard Disk is not
hot-swappable. Always make sure the Network Storage Server is
powered down and disconnected from the mains before
removing and installing the Hard Disk. For full safety instructions,
see page 36.

CAUTION: A 20 GB Hard Disk will only work with the
OfficeConnect Network Storage Server 20 (3C19500). A 40 GB
Hard Disk will only work with the OfficeConnect Network
Storage Server 40 (3C19501). The Hard Disks are not

If 3Com Technical Support cannot resolve your Hard Disk
problem, you may have to purchase a replacement Hard Disk.
Replacement Hard Disks are only available from 3Com.

About the Hard Disk

The Network Storage Server has a removable Hard Disk that
allows you to replace it in the unlikely event it should fail.
3Com recommends that you regularly backup the information on
your Network Storage Server. There are two main areas to
consider: the configuration settings of the Network Storage
Server and the actual Hard Disk data saved by the Users and

Page 35
Q. How much storage space does the Network Storage
Server actually have?

A. Although the Network Storage Server has a 20 GB or 40 GB
Hard Disk installed, the actual storage space might be marginally
less than that specified as the Network Storage Server’s
configuration settings and Operating System are stored on the
Hard Disk.

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