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General Liquid/Water Cooling Discussion For discussion about Full Cooling System kits, or general cooling topics. Keep specific cooling items like pumps, radiators, etc... in their specific forums.

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Unread 10-14-2010, 07:43 AM   #1
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Default Radiator Orientation

I'll be vertically mounting a ThermoChill PA120.3 in a new MountainMods CYO/UFO. Six Yate-Loon Medium speed fans and a ThermoChill shroud in push/pull. Swiftech MCP655 in an XSPC dual bay reservoir, Ybris Black Sun cpu block, DangerDen all-copper block on an MSI N480GTX, all 1/2"x3/4" high flow fittings, Feser tubing and, initially, Feser One fluid. I've already bought the fluid. I found out too late to just use UV tubing and then only use distilled water with an algaecide and maybe a silver strip.
I'm wondering if it would be okay to mount the rad with the fittings on top.
The only minor problem I see is draining, which I would do by using a T connector with one side of the fitting having a length of tubing with a stop plug that i could place in a gallon milk jug. Then I'd open the stop plug and turn on the w/c system while pouring fresh distilled water in the reservoir. When the drain jug is full the entire loop will be flushed and then I'll add some algaecide and let it circulate.
Will this work or am I completely missing something? Is it even safe to mount the radiator practically upside-down?
I haven't w/c'd in more than a few years. Ever since I could afford to switch to Intel from AMD. Now that I'm using i7 cpu's I need to start watercooling again. There are no conversions for my Asetek VapoChill system/case. I may have to sell that. Maybe.
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Unread 11-10-2010, 12:46 PM   #2
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Default Re: Radiator Orientation

Well, in a closed loop gravity doesn't matter. So you could even put your pump at the highest point, radiator upside down, block at the bottom, etc. So placement doesn't matter other than filling / draining. Open up paint and draw up your loop as you plan it, then it's easy to think about how easy it will be to fill / drain.

In my loops I've usually had the pump at the lowest point, the T line or res feeding into the pump's inlet and with no drain.
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Unread 11-10-2010, 02:47 PM   #3
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Default Re: Radiator Orientation

First, thank you for your reply! Frankly, I'd already given up hope and wondered why so many people read my post and didn't bother to reply.
I'm only waiting for a pair of Thermochill G3/8", 1/2" ID - 3/4" OD Compression Fittings to arrive from Jab-Tech to complete my loop. I think I'll have less than 2 feet total tubing to connect everything, not counting the drain I mentioned.
I've already mounted the pump in the dual-bay reservoir I'm using so it'll be going in the top 2 bays in this case.
Since I made my OP, Gary Stofer of Sidewinder Computers told me that the radiator orientation I wanted to use is correct. With the fitttings at the top it will be easier for the air bubbles to be removed during bleeding. I should've realized that myself. I know I shouldn't be, but I'm still quite paranoid about watercooling. I wasn't thinking straight when I made the 1st post.
Since my OP i've bought some UV reactive Feser tubing and will go ahead and just use distilled water + some sort of algaecide and a silver strip instead of the Feser One fluid, which I'll be selling on EBay. $30 + shipping sounds quite reasonable for 3 bottles of Clear/UV Blue doesn't it?
I've also replaced the Ybris cpu block with a Heatkiller to match the DangerDen fc block I have on my MSI 480GTX. I may also sell the Ybris since it's never even been wet.
I have 2 i7-920's, a 930 and a 950. Sould I go ahead and use the 950 or save it for a later build/rebuild?
I've also replaced all the other barbs with Feser compression fittings. Except for the cpu block. I can't find any compressions that'll fit a cpu block.
If you have any other ideas for this build I would sure appreciate them.
Thanks again,
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