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Testing and Benchmarking Discuss, design, and debate ways to evaluate the performace of he goods out there.

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Unread 09-14-2005, 12:36 PM   #26
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Thanks to both.


I not used titanium in the construction of the simulator, only aluminum. For the superior part of anchorage of the blocks, I used 7075-T6 alloy to give more consistency him by not being able to give much thickness him.

The titanium comented I used it to make the piece to hold for this block. Recently I tested this block in the simulator and I exerted a force to him of tightens of 50kgf until doubling the titanium piece slightly. I comment out so that it is relatively easy with that system to exert more force of the advisable one if it is not had well-taken care of.

The operation of the second system is simple, the resistance is anchored to the intermediate plate and is this one that it presses to the sensors, presumably strain gauges. That is good so that in spite of the force that can be applied, the torsion is minimum and core does not move down. The system is cheap too, I bought the electronic scale by about 20£.
The problem of the domestic scales is that they do not measure weight if is one upon them when they ignite. For that I used the inferior screw so that once installed the block, the sensors once do not detect ignited weight.
When it finishes it if you want I will put photos here.


Indeed in the first assembly I used a force sensor to be able to connect its exit to the ADC.

This sensor measures a maximum of 5kgf, one of greater force is very expensive, for that reason I had to cushion the force of tightens of the block. For it it uses the square plate of stainless steel greater than it is possible to be seen in the photo.

Aside from that, also it needed to cushion the force to avoid to damage the sensor. It has very little route between his maximum and minimum, for it I used the piece as a bridge that can be seen with two wharves. Turning the longest screw it could fit to the hardness of the wharves and with it sensitivity and distances of the sensor, I obtained to very good resolution and sensitivity, but bad precision when varying the load force.
Instead of trying to improve it I tried to make easiest and is to adapt the sensors and rest of electronics of an electronic scale to the simulator. Now there am lost communication with the ADC and sensitivity, (although it could look for the signal of exit of op amps that it has), but I have won in the reproducibilidad that is more important for this intention although still it is in phase of test.

The sensor of the first assembly I will reuse it to do a separate scale to me with the ADC. It is very sensible for the weights, been able to measure the weight of small screws with a normal mutimeter. Is this

Sorry my bad English.
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Unread 10-06-2005, 11:32 PM   #27
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Update on my progress with V2.

I got a SwissFlow SF800 (actually 2 of them) comming from Swissflow.

I just bought a Foxboro 823DP 0-400" H2O dP transmitter. I hope to hell it works for what I need. I couldn't find anything about it at foxboro.com and the description was a little less than detailed.

This makes data logging a little more realistic for me. Being the Swissflow 800 and the Foxboro 823DP both have 4-20ma outputs. My thermometer has one 4-20ma output aswell but it will only read one channel of 5 I belive.

Now the hard part is finding some way to logg with these..... My DAQ knowledge is lacking.
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Unread 10-17-2005, 07:25 PM   #28
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The SwissFlow 800 meters arrived and already have one hooked up. Fairly restrictive little units. Works great however. I think the final V2 built will have a magnetic flowmeter instead though. I will use the SwissFlow untill then.

I just got the Foxboro 823DP transmitter and it is brand new. It even came in the factory Foxboro box with a manual. The beast is bigger and much heaver than I thought it would be but that is ok.
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