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Hardware and Case Mod's You Paint it, Cut it, Solder it, bend it, light it up, make it glow or anything like that, here is your forum.

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Unread 01-04-2005, 07:02 PM   #1
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Default Hardware Help, More Serious this time, looking for some help :).

Alright, well I just wrote a ton, and I click "Make post" and Internet Explorer crashed . Sigh, time to re-write this. Anyways, to start this off, I made an earlier post before, http://forums.procooling.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=10958, but I still need some more help. First off, I'm going to just list a few items, then tell you some ideas, and then hope for some feedback. I'm looking to do this, and I'm serious about it. I have around $1500 for it, and these are a few of the things I've looked at, I havn't really rounded out the cash this will cost, but I should be on the brink of paying for it, so everything should be all good. This is what I've chosen, if you don't like it, please leave some feedback, that's what this post is for..for feedback and ideas. I am not sure if this is the setup to buy, and until I find out for sure what I'm getting, I'm not ordering it yet, of course. Feel free to change ideas, give new item ideas, and everything else...I need it, for I am not so sure what I am totally going to do.
Parts list (Sorry, this is in link-form)

--Alright, I think that's it for hardware, if I forgot anything, I'm sorry. If I added too much stuff, I'm also sorry. What I am planning to do is watercool, of course, but only 3 parts:The CPU, the Video Card, and the Northbridge, not the RAM. I was thinking of the RAM, but I don't really need it I don't think. Here is some watercooling info below for parts and such (sorry, it's also in link-form).

Ok, so I looked at this and was like Oh my, that's nice...I then read a few reviews about it, and I wasn't so pleased. http://www.moddershq.net/reviews.asp?reviewid=54 told a few things about it, and I didn't really like that...so I went out in search of a new block for this NVidia 6800, and I found one. http://www.polarflo.com/index.asp?Pa...PROD&ProdID=56 <--I found that, e-mailed the webmaster to see if he knew if it fit with the video card, and he said that it did. I like the 6800 because basically, it tops ATI in performance/price, and the only next best thing is an x850, which is not even out in stores I don't think, so yeah..the motherboard, I also like, but a beastly one is supposed to come out in a few weeks or so (hopefully), considering the press release or whatever was today. To wait, or not to wait? I'm anxious..
Now, I know I know...I should have like 2 separate circuits or 2 separate radiators if I want to cool these 3 things, so here is what I thought. pump > radiator > cpu block > radiator > northbridge > gpu > pump or pump > radiator > cpu block > northbridge > radiator > gpu block > tank > pump or something of the sort, so here is my idea. I THOUGHT about getting this case, http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproduc...144-090&DEPA=1 because of the aluminum, but I'm still not sure, considering I think that aluminum is bad for cooling :shrug: . What I was thinking, was to mount this radiator http://www.dangerdenstore.com/produc...&cat=13&page=1 in the front of the case, 80 mm in the front behind the fan, so when I just get the case I'll take a dremel to the front, cut out the fan grill for better airflow, even though more dust could get in (I'd just blow it out with like compressed air every 2-3 months or something like that), but that was my thought. I'd put a heatercore basically at the bottom of the case, wouldn't that work? Right next to the window fan..well, right below it at least. http://www.dangerdenstore.com/produc...&cat=14&page=1 <--heatercore. Basically, I want this PSU because the retail PSUs usually SUCK and die in like 3 hours, but that's just my opinion.
Now, you may wonder, "Why the hell is this kid getting two HDs?" Well, I thought about it, and couldn't I just run games off one, and other things off another for speed? This is gonna be a game machine, the "Beas," and I'm ready to make it...so much talk, I must actually take some action . I think I need a new case though, but I don't have anymore ideas, so please, post some links if you guys could be so kind. Also, here is a link to the waterblock I might get? What do you guys suggest for the pump/waterblock if you don't like this one? I don't really want to upgrade this for a while, now here's the block. http://www.frozencpu.com/ex-blc-98.html <---do you like? :-/, now suggestions for pump would be nice, and more waterblocks maybe, and even a whole new setup/idea. Well, thank you guys, have a nice night, please respond =).
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Unread 01-05-2005, 10:04 AM   #2
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I would drop that 40gig, it is way too expensive per gb with no real performance benefit. I would buy more memory so more of the game could be loaded up to that. The rest of the setup is ok, but the watercooling is overcomplicated. You only need one pump and one radiator. Keep the tubing simple, if you try to make too many bends and stuff pretty soon it becomes impossible to work in the case.

And aluminum isnt bad for cooling. Sometimes you can feel parts of an aluminum case (such as the HDD rack) and they are physically warm to the touch, which means they are contributing to the cooling.

In essence, buy a single large radiator for you purposes, having a bunch of tiny ones is really a waste of time. The polarflo TT is not very high performance, especially for the money, but it is blingy. Do what you like with this, but I would recommend a TDX for you. The DD 6800 is a nice block for cooling the whole card, so if you get something else you will probably need ramsinks. The problem with the 6800 is that if you upgrade your card later you will have to upgrade the waterblock as well. I would recommend a generic waterblock for this purpose that can be used on any mounting system. Keep all of your stuff on a single loop. You will not see an overall performance benefit from having 2 loops, only an increase of noise, complexity, possibility of leaking, and cost. If you are considering 2 radiators on 2 loops, put both radiators on a single loop for even more benfit.

Also, I thought those processors have a built in memory controller so there is less demand on the NB. If this is the case you may want to consider eliminating this block from your loop.
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Unread 01-05-2005, 01:19 PM   #3
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Yeah, the memory controller is onboard on the 64's and FX's, hence their inability to use DDR2. I would think a passive/fanned sink on the Northbridge should be sufficient as well.
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