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Hardware and Case Mod's You Paint it, Cut it, Solder it, bend it, light it up, make it glow or anything like that, here is your forum.

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Unread 06-02-2005, 07:34 PM   #1
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Default My After Cooler TEC Whatsis

Aluminium filings everywhere!

Exept for some drilling and turning 2 hose fittings the milling work is finished.

What is is, is an Ice Cap sandwhiched between a waterblock and old P4 heatsink.

The idea is to cool my water a little more after its been through the radiator in my Koolance Box.

Some surfing suggests that the difference it will make is minnimal but its going to look cool! And I reversed over my Cooler box! The one you plug into the lighter socket.

Some warm Beer inspired the idea.

Crappy photos... better than none

The Above image is supposed to show the lapped WB and unlapped (as yet) HS.

This is supposed to be a clos-up of the block.

No flash. The TEC will go where the bit of cloth is sticking out.

The reason I chose Alu is that the Koolance Rad is Alu. Its also easier to machine.
It does not tarnish either.

Everyone says that the circular pattern left by the milling machine looks cool and to only sand/polish the bases.
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Unread 06-05-2005, 10:15 PM   #2
Cooling Neophyte
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The Ice cap sandwhich is installed... Kinda.

The damn thing causes my power supply (420W Thermaltake) to switch of due to too much power draw I think? I have it (and the HD's for 5V draw) on a seperate power supply atm.

Scrapped ice of the side of a Deep-Freeze for distilled water! Only place that had any on a Sunday night.

Useless PC Probe Pic:


TEC switched on at line # 8

Temps were at 37C with occasional jumps to 38C without thr TEC.
After switch on they were 36 mostly with occasional jumps to 37C and 35C.

So it looks like I gained 0.5 to 1C for all my trouble!

Looks damn cool though and there may be a little room for improvement:

The HS gets really hot so a bigger one, with more fans, may help.
The WB is slightly cool to the touch so perhaps insulating it will help.
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