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Heatsink/ Heat Pipe / ThermoSiphon Cooling The cat will only make the mistake of putting its paw by your HSF once. :) Also the place to discuss the new high end heat pipe goodness.

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Unread 12-12-2001, 11:44 AM   #1
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Default Automatic Baybus DIGIDOC5 Mod problems... HELP!!!

I'm trying to do the Automatic Baybus Digitaldoc5 Mod which originally posted @ commongrounds-pc for my 130CFM Delta fans cooling my BlackIceII radiator but unfortunately it doesn't work. The relay that i"m using is RadioShack DPDT part# 275-218. It's 12VDC coil and its contacts are rated 10A.

Here's the wiring diagram of the the relay @ RadioShack's website.
I can e-mail better (clearer) image of the wiring diagram for the relay if you guys want. It's the same 15 AMPS relay switch used in Joe's "Relays and Rheostats" article @

So by comparing the relay to the one that's been used by BeOR, 7=a1 8=a2, 5=b1 6=b2, 3=c1 4=c2, 1=d1 2=d2 on my relay.

So here's how I'm wiring:
to DigiDoc header= [black] to 7(a1)-5(b1) and red to 8(a2)-6(b2)
to fan= [black(-)] to 3(c1) and [red(+)] to 4(c2)
to PSU= [red(+5)] to 1(d1) and [yellow(+12)] to 2(d2)

am I missing something here?

The fan only works when DigiDoc5 fan is always on mode(which supposed the be off for the sake of the mod;0).
Also the 12cm Deltas that I got here have already been running on 7V for a while Besides I'm trying the mod with a 8cm Senfu fan, but still no luck.

I got two of these 275-218 DPDT relay switches and tried both of them.

I also mistakenly shorted the two wires coming from the DigiDoc5 fan# 2 header, system immediately shut itself down ofcourse,
now it's in always on mode, no matter if the fan mode is set to on or off mode. Also I noticed that low power is coming from the
header now, meaning less than 12V. mistakenly I did a different mod to the DigiDoc LOL ;0)

any help is greatly appreciated,
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Unread 03-03-2002, 02:16 PM   #2
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Hi AL666,
You may have already cured this but heres an answer. I have already sent an email to the designer of that circuit showing how to correct his design, it was due to a mix up of pins I think, hopefully he should amend his posting soon. Anyway back to your problem, heres the answer.

The way the relay is wired ( where b1 and b2 are the "arms" of the relays, as shown in the photographs) poses a problem. On the diagram for the double pole relay, if output from the Digidoc5 is off, then b1 (arm) would be connected to d1 (normally closed) and also b2 (arm) would be connected to d2 (normally closed). This would allow 7v (ie. 12v - 5v = 7v) to flow back into the Digidoc5 outputs, which may do harm. The fan would also only be ON when the relay was activated by the Digidoc5 with 12v only.
To cure the problem:
a1 (arm) should be connected to c1 (normally open);
a2 (arm) should be connected to c2 (normally open);
the fan connection c1 should be on b1;
the fan connection c2 should be on b2.

The output you have blown on the Digidoc5 may be corrected, I think. I have not got a Digidoc5 yet but will in the near future. Devices like these usually have a switching component like a power transistor to control the output. Basically examine with an ohmmeter, with the Digidoc5 removed, each of the output circuit components near the output lead, comparing results between the different outputs. Each output should have identical readings. A component with an unusual value is most likely the cause of the problem.

Hope this posting is of use to you and anybody else.
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Unread 03-03-2002, 04:03 PM   #3
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yeah, thor is right, the guy who did it originally was confused.

As for the blowing of the fan header, I don't know, just use another one
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