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Reseller/Vendor Ratings You want to give your impressions of a company or a vendor you did business with, Heres a place to do it!

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Unread 12-12-2003, 10:25 PM   #1
Cooling Savant
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Fun with NewEgg and Fed-Ex

I love NewEgg, they have great prices and delivery is always speedy.

At 4 am Wednesday, I placed an order. By noon, I had a tracking number (two actually - first time I've had anything out of the Jersey warehouse). With the holidays, I didn't think I'd get my usual 'two days and it's here' version of super-saver shipping, but a man can hope.

A few minutes ago, I checked to see where my packages were spending the night. First tracking number: Delivered? WTF !? Second tracking number: Not scheduled for delivery. Again, WTF !?

Yup, I had one package on the porch; I was home all day, driver didn't even knock. The other package, which rode on the same truck from the airport to the distribution center and was clocked into the local depot seven minutes earlier, won't be here 'til Tuesday!

So tonight I have a new keyboard and some KVM cables, but the KVM switch is sitting in a warehouse three miles away. I've a new router, but not the cable long enough to run from living room to bedroom.
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Unread 12-31-2003, 04:33 AM   #2
Cooling Neophyte
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Default They are the best

Newegg is NUMBER 1!!!!!!
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Unread 06-02-2004, 09:45 AM   #3
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Newegg is the best. They almost always deliver before schedule. Hat's off to FedEx. I would like to buy stock in that company. Great service. I shipped several fragile high ticket items and everytime I use them my shipments get delivered in good condition.
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Unread 12-02-2004, 06:53 PM   #4
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That's just about the hottest story that I have ever heard..Newegg is great.
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Unread 12-02-2004, 07:26 PM   #5
Cooling Neophyte
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: texas
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i got my new mobo 2 days before i was supposed to get it.. came out the jersey wherehouse as well.. newegg rox the cox tbhwu....
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Unread 12-31-2004, 08:08 PM   #6
Cooling Savant
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You wanna hear a badass FedEx story? Sorry if I'm jacking the thread, btw.

I ordered a big tux doll from LinuxMall for my sister's 1 year birthday, and since i was in somewhat of a hurry, I paid for expedited FedEx shipping. I got a tracking number promptly, and all seemed fine and on schedule. The day the package was supposed to arrive, however, nothing came. I waited and waited and waited, and still nothing. I then decided to go check the tracking page to see where my package was. To my surprise, the page said that the package was already delivered and signed for. After a brief moment of WTF, I quickly ran outside to double check if the package was there or not. It wasn't. An even longer moment of WTF followed.

The next day, I decided to call LinuxMall and ask them where my doll was. They said that they shipped it, and if I want any answers I better talk to FedEx because they don't know nuthin'. So I called FedEx, and spent 2 hours trying to explain to the lady on the other line that my package wasn't here and that I would like to find out where the hell it was. At the same time she was trying to convince me that I had already received the package and even signed for it.

These long WTF themed phone calls lasted for about a week, which really sucked because my little sister wound up having her 1 year birthday without the badass 4 foot tall Tux doll that she was supposed to get. I was really upset, to say the least. at this point, I just wanted the shit to be over with, and since my sister's birthday had already passed I just wanted FedEx to give me a refund to make up for ****ing shit up as bad as they did. eventually I got them to give me the refund, and planned on reordering the doll and shipping it UPS this time, since I was no longer in a hurry.

The day after I got the refund, I decided to take a different route from my bus stop back to my apartment than I usually do. As I am walking, low-and-behold, I see a bigass box labeled LinuxMall on someone's doorstep. Looking on the door I notice that it is on the doorstep of Apt.#205. "What a coincidence," I thought. Since my apartment is 502. Upon closer inspection, I discover that the box is already opened, and haphazardly resealed. As if someone opened it, discovered that they really didn't order this thing, then resealed it and put it out on the doorstep to be picked up or something. Then I looked at the label, and what did I see? The box was addressed to me! And no, I didn't screw up on the address either, It was plainly written, APT.#502, NOT 205!!! Apparently, the box was delivered to the wrong apartment, and no one felt it necessary to tell me about it. But, at that moment, I didn't care, I had gotten my penguin, finally.

About a month later, I started to order parts for a Computer I was building. Most of which, were shipped FedEx. And guess what, All of the parts that were shipped FedEx, instead of being delivered to my door, #502, were delivered to #205. I would have to pick them off of the guys doorstep on my way home from my bus stop every single time. Ain't that a bitch.

It turns out, the fedex driver in my area is seriously dyslexic. :shrug:
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Unread 12-31-2004, 09:35 PM   #7
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I ordered a new processor(A64 3200+ and saved $60) from Monarch Comp and a Shuttle case/mb from Newegg 2 days ago and my cpu should be here tomorrow and my case hasn't even shipped, yet New Egg charged my CC yesterday. Yes, I did rush order and both parts were in stock. At least that's what the webpages said. Yeah.. i'm whing, already know
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