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Cooling News From Around The Web You can post links, or comments about cooling related articles and reviews from around the web.

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About This Area - Read before posting.

What is this for???

This is to let you the readers post links to other sites COOLING related or generally interesting reviews. If you think something is interesting and want to let others see it, post away!

If you see something that doesn’t make sense and want to get some reader feedback, this is also the place to post it.

We encourage people to comment on the reviews/articles/links posted here also. Please feel free to comment or post links here if you want.

This is the only forum in the Pro/Forums where we will allow posting of direct links to other sites and articles. The other forums are meant to be informational, not for direct linking by webmasters and such.

This forum will also be used as the basis for a "current events" area on the front page of ProCooling. So all posts will be heavily moderated to keep them on topic, and clean.

RULES: In order to keep the news on topic, clean and of quality. the posts are being moderated by the Pro/Staff. If the post is deemed on topic, it will be posted, if not it will be deleted. All comments and opinions on the links posted MUST stay on topic. No unsupported "flaming" or such here. If you have a gripe about the link/review/article/source site/ etc... Please speak your please and have info to back it up. This is not a gossip mill, and we will not allow people to spread false rumors here.

Absolutely NO linking of images from other sites, stealing content, or re-posting of content from other sites is allowed here. Doing so will result in the user being banned from the Pro/Forums.
NO profanity can be used in any thread topic or initial post.
Thanks, and I hope you will find this area as useful as we do!
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