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  1. Ultimate block? Theory.
  2. WB recommendations wanted
  3. You guys with the CNCs. . .
  4. Suggestions for my waterblock design
  5. Need suggestions Copper or Aluminum
  6. Fixittt...or any other person with a cnc...
  7. Lookie what I just got
  8. Trouble getting a maze1c to fit on my GF3 Ti200
  9. Proud owner of new EMCO mill, need some US help
  10. For all you copper vs. aluminum techies...
  11. Strut your SOFTWARE......
  12. is the base of my block too thick?
  13. Let's keep it civil!
  14. Online Vendors?
  15. Aluminium VS Copper
  16. Which block should i mill?
  17. prodesktop software
  18. Where to get barbs?
  19. METRIC wb performance curves
  20. What do you think about this mill?
  21. My latest creation: "The Lemon Block"
  22. TC-4 Changes Made To The Tubulators
  23. Need advices on waterblock ...
  24. What endmill? many choices
  25. Just broke 3 cobalt drill bits
  26. My mill :D
  27. how convert this bad-boy
  28. Make something fun out of this round piece of al? I got a whole cylinder!
  29. what do you thinik?
  30. Tips to mill coppar easier. I think.
  31. Found this at a computer show...
  32. How deep down before sideloads?
  33. Machining paremeters for everybody
  34. Some pictures, work in progress, tomorrow hehe..
  35. any of you guys U1 friendly, yet ???
  36. "The Equalizer" by g_f
  37. Finaly pics. of my entries for UWB
  38. casting copper
  39. GF4 Measurements quick!
  40. Need advice on water cooling setup
  41. ideas on mounting ballscrews on mini mill??
  42. Ultimate waterblock
  43. 5days of block testing finished, My best WB is...
  44. Socket A measures
  45. Making CU -and AL shiny. How?!
  46. GF4 water cooling goodness! PICS.
  47. A different kind of spiral...
  48. Can someone with some real knowlege answer this question???
  49. P4 direct die water cooling
  50. "Radius" by BigBen2k
  51. Channel depth????
  52. How to work out the area of a circle?...
  53. Need help with a design
  54. milling CU - problems
  55. Why a large waterblock?
  56. Mult-channel block
  57. Blockdesign Socket A
  58. My center inlet hold down for Socket 7 using the clips.
  59. Modding a Maze3?...
  60. AMD specs
  61. wb performance graphing
  62. D-Tek Sirp@l
  63. Hi from me, And your thoughts on this Mill
  64. WB materials? ? ?
  65. All you mashinest might find this familiar...
  66. swiftech mcw462-b , good buy?
  67. Question for Cathar
  68. Thoughts on remodeling "The Lemon Block"
  69. Silver's % advantage vs. copper
  70. What type of solder should i use, and how do i solder it!
  71. I need help from you guys! Steppermotors and stuffs!
  72. just to get some responses....
  73. diamond waterblock concepts
  74. Tt's block...?
  75. Need all your help/opinions... 2nd Rev. CAD models...
  76. SGI Indigo Waterblock
  77. Waterblock Noob needs help with design
  78. My new block
  79. Calling all geeks now
  80. copper alloy: 70%Cu / 30%Zn; will this suck as a WB metal
  81. How do I know if my CU is 100% or even 90% cu?
  82. My WB prototype
  83. AMD block mounting
  84. Funny Idea with a Marine Propeller
  85. First go with my mill.
  86. First post ;D... and a request.
  87. CAMWORKS for solidworks
  88. marine goop to seal up a block?
  89. My Drill block Design
  90. Dimensions?
  91. first time i can post some results here
  92. From drawing to milling
  93. Another #Rotor style block...
  94. #Rotor help me please. . .
  95. pros/cons of various waterblock designs
  96. Block DM-4
  97. Being creative...And work my ass off...
  98. How much do you pay for copper and perspex?
  99. Best #Rotor block design corner
  100. a few Q's on making a good W/B
  101. making radiators
  102. Few HomeMade Block Designs :)
  103. Help with calculating, with "jets"....
  104. dual pump setup
  105. What is the difference between an endmill and a drillbit?
  106. Cathar Clone
  107. Dare I do? Home made WB thickness..
  108. My WB design
  109. The Evolution
  110. WB base thickness
  111. Opinions on my 1st WB design??
  112. Drill press instead of a mill?
  113. Merry Christmas Everyone
  114. Quick and dirty micro channel experiment
  115. Is this block too cool?
  116. Squirrel By Balinju & Hara
  117. phase-change evap
  118. copper vs aluminum
  119. don't know the eng word for it but it is beautiful!
  120. Direct water cooling of a peltier
  121. is turbulence good or bad?
  122. anyone use peanut oil?
  123. NPT? How does this thing work?
  124. making an HSF, yes an HSF, need suggestions
  125. Big problemos doing threads in copper
  126. cooling fin above cpu?
  127. disregard ths (wrong forum
  128. DIY waterblock prize at Overclockers
  129. More block building fun for the 8500
  130. i want a simple but quite effective block design
  131. Acrylic Top for a WB
  132. Water tight barb connections
  133. chipset blocks?
  134. A few blocks
  135. 5/8" tubing
  136. Almost finished my new GPU block [Pics]
  137. Water Block Idea...
  138. The next evolution to cathar's microchannel design
  139. CFD - Computational Fluid dynamics
  140. Well I guess I can show you my new block :)
  141. My new revision or so to say. And lots off more things I want to show for you.
  142. Need help choosing the mounting method of my new block.
  143. Quick Clarification on Hard Drive Cooling.
  144. casting waterblocks?
  145. New Block REV. 1.0 (pics)
  146. What do you think about this pump?
  147. Opteron socket specs, and WB design
  148. going to seal this one up...
  149. Several ideas for WBs.. Help me choose!!
  150. Whats the clear area around a GPU??
  151. not exactly high flow for a block
  152. another "pics of my block" thread...
  153. couple quick and easy questions
  154. Micro pin block
  155. o-rings
  156. What software do you use to design blocks?
  157. REV. 2.0 Micro "PYRAMID" pins. (pics)
  158. gpu cooling block
  159. Going for the traditional 1in2out
  160. my blocks (in cad)
  161. Tests of a #rotor style block...and a question
  162. !!! Waterblock !!!
  163. How does this setup sound?
  164. Whats the clear area around a gf2/gf3/radeon GPU??
  165. Stupid WB Idea?
  166. Make me a NB waterblock?
  167. REV. 3.0 In the works!
  168. Heres my DIY waterblock..suggestions?
  169. mobo holes distances
  170. DIY water block Finally a good one
  171. My multi spiral concept.
  172. standard block size?
  173. How about this design?
  174. what about brass???
  175. My newest creation, the DB-2 MCP4
  176. Jet nozzle (for LiquidRulez)
  177. Looking for a mill
  178. Sand blasting. Any benefit?
  179. 2 more newbie questions.
  180. I finally made my own CPU block
  181. New block and impingement nozzles
  182. possibly a complicated waterblock q
  183. No More Aluminum!
  184. Final revisions before milling?
  185. BillA-unregistered...how accurate is the XP's thermal diode?
  186. O-ring sucks. can't make it leakproof.
  187. Need help guyz~
  188. Building a Lapping Machine
  189. New water block design...opinions??
  190. Aluminum Vs. Copper
  191. My Easier (I think) Cathar Clone
  192. My single macro fin dual channel waterblock design
  193. water cooled Subaru's
  194. Dimensions for socket A and mounting holes
  195. It begins...
  196. I'm finally making my own block
  197. Cutting thread (movie inside)
  198. my waterblock design
  199. Need Holddown/clamp for DD Maze2-2 block
  200. Where can I found simple Socket- A waterblockconstruction?
  201. My Final design and work in progress
  202. basic tools and materials for making blocks
  203. another drill press block with a question
  204. Swiftech MCW462-UH waterblock... C/W
  205. Metalworking Forum
  206. copper and aluminum block (corrosions?)
  207. 1/32 fin space?
  208. Less than 3 Hours..... :)
  209. more waterblocks!! and inovative designs
  210. Radeon 9500/9700 Waterblock design
  211. Interesting approach to pin style blocks...
  212. Block Idea/Theory
  213. Question for Cathar
  214. Motherboard hole dia.
  215. 3.25" block too wide?
  216. My new waterblock....$8 cost total
  217. NB block design suggestion
  218. Cyclone: Clear Drill Press CPU Block
  219. looking for some one to machine these. off topic
  220. looking for some one to machine these. off topic
  221. Pure Copper?
  222. Where to get thick acrylic for block tops cheap?
  223. Final comments before milling :)
  224. Tools and translations
  225. Micro channel wb with limited tools
  226. ATI 9700 - some measurements - QUICK!
  227. Possible Super Thermal Liquid
  228. Silver or Copper nitrate
  229. How thick base for a rotor style block?
  230. n00b question for fittings and taps
  231. Copper Machining Masters. I need you knowledge.
  232. barb question
  233. A question about material thickness
  234. Geforce 4 and Nb - measurements
  235. Very low flow block
  236. Spray nozles
  237. a #rotor style template? pump choice?
  238. GeForce 4 Water Block
  239. NB block - CPUs are flat, but what about NB?
  240. Block (500k of pics)
  241. New waterblock
  242. microfin wb made from akasa ak360/370
  243. Heat Pipes
  244. fin legth and stuff
  245. Polycarbonate Tops... a scientiffic analysis!
  246. Microchannel blocks for sale....
  247. 2 Peltier WaterBlock
  248. Where 2 Buy Copper!!!
  249. brass al mix
  250. Socket 478 mountingholes