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  1. WC simulator discussion.
  2. Units
  3. Radiators and Fans
  4. How it works.
  5. "water cooling is tons more efficient" I really need some numbers
  6. Is it possible to.....REALLY important please read....
  7. Does this make any sense to you? Unregistered? pHaestus? Les?
  8. Java Thermodynamics Calculator + Links
  9. Die Simulator...
  10. Pipe Pressure Drop Calculator
  11. NIST database Thermophysical Properties of Fluid Systems
  12. Hey all.. Die simulator.. Budget of 2-2.5 K
  13. Die Simulator Construction, your thoughts on my plan?
  14. define the relevant topics
  15. The Heat Die
  16. The power source, and measurement
  17. Temperature measurement
  18. Flow Measurement
  19. Pressure Measurement
  20. Mounting Considerations
  21. Overall Accuracy, and Repeatability
  22. The Cooling Solution
  23. Pump Flow test results.
  24. Standard die size (surface area)
  25. Calibration
  26. Sources for Parts and Information
  27. Why bother testing waterblocks?
  28. post your water cooling setups cpu etc and temps
  29. Plumbing - waterblock test circuit
  30. chiller & pump progress
  32. Damn Barton Heat
  33. Fair testing of WB's w/aluminum?
  34. Insulation for heat die
  35. The question of unbiased engineers
  36. Are we being to anal about testing?
  37. Testing bench help
  38. The purpose of testing?
  39. major advance in wb mounting for testing
  40. Water Block to Die Sim Alignment project.
  41. heater power
  42. watercoolplanet test bench
  43. Feel like resolving temp to within 0.005C for less than $100?
  44. My first stab at a formal test procedure. Comments or suggestions?
  45. Hope everyone has seen this already...
  46. Math question for those in the know.
  47. Noise level testing advise
  48. A/D converter for measurements?
  49. The Reactor (TM) Water-Cooler
  50. Is this possible?
  51. Chip thermal diode
  52. Any guides-articles-tests-inf on calculations heat transfer-flow etc for rads+blocks?
  53. diamond doped thermal compound
  54. Find my total W error in my calculations please
  55. some questions for a bench of test of waterblocks (french inside) ^^
  56. DIE heat spreader importence
  57. *I WON!* Fluke 8840A DMM
  58. Heat die construction, heater distance
  59. HEV and HEV calculator
  60. Numeric Calcs for CPU Heat Removal
  61. Would you buy a MAX1668 based Temp monitor(kit)?
  62. Bios Beep and post code codes
  63. DAQ and noise
  64. Flow measurement questions
  65. pads or grease??? for testing
  66. Testing philosphy
  67. Recommend a Graphing Program?
  68. Finding a flow meter...
  69. Testing on a budget
  70. Convection Coefficient: A Fanstasy in h
  71. Die sim design and heating elements
  72. First steps at testing.
  73. serious test bench
  74. Simulated Die-IHS-WB
  75. Quick! You have 15 hrs to reply!
  76. need EE help for a control circuit
  77. Thermometers
  78. Some EE opinions please
  79. Adding HSFs to interactive waterblock comparator?
  80. RTDs suck!
  81. Putting together a MAX6655 monitoring setup
  82. Heated die simulator II
  83. die sim part two
  84. My diesim
  85. Athlon 64 question
  86. Measuring water cooling system performance
  87. Cheap testing
  88. old article
  89. Producing CPU Heat
  90. What this mechanical engineer does for fun...
  91. Ideal Testbed
  92. Will this work as a flow meter
  93. Cpu temps with mbm5 on new W/B
  94. Wattmeter question
  95. 1a-Cooling water block test station
  96. MuffledPC.com testing.
  97. Has anyone used an IR temp gun .......
  98. The WPS opensource project
  99. Designing heat die - how can I improve it?
  100. full test
  101. Digital Aquisition and Control unit.
  102. A TIM C/W number.
  103. GPU block testing
  104. CPU dissipation measurements on Ace's
  105. Got a flow meter...
  106. DD NV68 Water Block?
  107. Testing waterblocks vs pumping power
  108. Rad Testing, conditions, assumptions, etc.
  109. n00b tester
  110. boiling your coolant in system to sterilize it
  111. when benching 3d marks
  112. flow control valves
  113. Shunts to convert current readings to voltage?
  114. Using Pressure Gauge for Flow Measurement
  115. Thermal Diode Reader
  116. Data logging thermometer
  117. My Test Bench Project Log.
  118. How about this Flow Meter
  119. Possible Rad Testing Procedure
  120. Flowsensors?
  121. TIM Testing
  122. Graphing Software
  123. Mounting Pressure vs performance
  124. Mounting Tests.
  125. pH results compared to mine on the Maze 4
  126. Video Card Testing
  127. EE help? 2 13.8V power supplies in series?
  128. An update to my test setup upgrades
  129. Most Stable and Quantifiable Heat Source
  130. DAQ question
  131. DAQ cards and signal conditioning?
  132. My new Toy
  133. Really Felling Stupid here on this one
  134. Pressure measurments... How to???
  135. Measuring AMD A64 Case Temperature
  136. DDC 12V Speed control built and tested
  137. starting to think about pump sound measurement
  138. Get your PCI GPIB card cheap!
  139. Test Bench V2. Want your suggestions!
  140. CPU Power 0.21
  141. My CPU is beeping?!? (not the MB-speaker)
  142. 100 sq mm Fluxdie worklog.
  143. Silicon Thermal
  144. LabView for Dummies
  145. DIY Triple Point Calibration +
  146. heat die dimensions - a public worklog
  147. can we agree on the basis of "C" in C/W ?
  148. Test bench.
  149. Misc links
  150. 'calibrating' the DUT instrument connections
  151. Performance Vs Noise - Experimentation
  152. product testing today – who is being served ?
  153. Building low cost test bench
  154. New Method For Testing Water Block Performance
  155. Thought you guys would like this....
  156. Quote of the day
  157. sensor calibration
  158. Get your PCI GPIB card!
  159. Wind Tunnel Construction
  160. How Manufacturers Test Heatsinks & Thermal Compound
  161. Seasonic Power Angel: Could it be Hacked ?
  162. Get phenolic
  163. Which is the best testing method?
  164. T junction temp
  165. It begins
  166. assumptions require examination
  167. Measuring temps w/ and w/o IHS
  168. Units Converter & Equation Solver
  169. Simulating an RTD
  170. TEC testing with variable DC PSU
  171. Testing under vacuum
  172. SF800 queries
  173. building a CPU die simulator
  174. Scanning a mirror.
  175. who can help me make a test bed?