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07-03-2004, 09:33 PM
hullo m8's hows it hangin?!

well the question is how do pplz get to be "Pro/blank." ive seen Pro/Noobs, Pro/Staff, Pro/Geek, Pro/Stank and so on. i know i couldnt be Pro/staff, cuz im not site staff. but how do others get to have those ranks? is it number of posts, being friends with admin :D , giving money :mad: ? really dont have a clue but im interested. im probably posting this in the wrong place, but as u can tell, im a noob 2 this forum, and forums in general. thx in advance 4 helping and whatnot.

the one and only,

self appointed,


Edit: maybe its "pro/skank" dunno, but thats not important