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Joe 03-20-2019 03:02 PM

Stuff over the last few years, Blogs, etc...
So its been about 2 years since I posted an update. Not a whole lot has changed.

I am heavily into photography, 3D printing, and other endeavours. I am currently designing and building my own 3D printer from scratch and am documenting the process at my blog @

This server is just humming along as a VM on my home server (walled off from the rest of the server), and with new registrations being closed, its essentially in statis. It's doing well there with the minimal traffic. I have no plans to decommission the site or take it offline.

My new blog is my home for content and generating things. I am sharing actively in photographic, 3D printing, Backpacking, and other topics.

Hope everyone is doing good and see you guys @

Joe 03-25-2019 08:21 PM

Re: Stuff over the last few years, Blogs, etc...
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For a glimpse into what I have been working on lately - This is the 3D printer I designed from scratch. Every part, every extrusion, everything on this has either been designed 100% from scratch, or used some source parts that are so highly modified they look and function nothing like the originals. The CAD drawing was a first draft at a concept I was working on then. The pic is the actual thing almost functional.

(god damn, the upload file size limit is crazy low on this forum... who ever runs this place is a damn idiot.... its like internetting in 2006)

rhkcommander 04-18-2019 01:55 PM

Re: Stuff over the last few years, Blogs, etc...
I'll be following along, I'm jealous of the DIY 3d printing.

Best of luck

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