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Default Re: Snap 4500 - end of the line

Update - again.

A few quick things i have noticed about snaps.

1. A full reinstall of the OS - via touch /nopivot (wipe data etc) is not a full re-install/wipe at all. when you re-install it will leave netvault and ca antivirus keys intact on the server, in fact any add-ons you have registered it will not wipe.

2. A full re-install of the OS will not take out any network settings (wins,dns etc) all are maintained.

3. a full re-install will not take out server name in general. I did manage to reset it to the factory default once (factory default is SNAPXXXXXX, where XXXXXX is the server number) but i
had to install the oldest OS i had 3.2.019. Every other re-install kept the server name.

The only way to really get a 'clean' server is to put a drive from another snap into it.
When the snap boots - it will will see the mismatched drive and bios images and reset everything. Server name, networking, add-on's (all license keys) will be wiped and you have to re-register the lot to enable them.

In general all a total re-install of the GOS (via touch /nopivot) will firstly remove the key that says you have registered the snap and then wipe the shares out (break your raid) and update the OS.

I must say that i found this a little dissapointing. I incorrectly assumed that a full re-install would wipe the lot out and give you a brand spanking new server. This is not the case.

FYI - for anyone interested. I am about to Win2k3 the server and if that does not work, there will shortly be two snap 4500's for sale...going cheap. Parts anyone?
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