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Default Fluorinert eats plastic

I saw an article on fluorinert @ houseofhelp and OCforum; posted my 2p worth there so I thought I'd share it with you cos you've all been very helpful with my cooling efforts.
Would that I had come across the posts at a year ago I have been using fluorinert for about a year now and I have just realised it does indeed react with certain plastics. I had it in both my water cooled systems one with a swiftech micro reservoir and and the other with a coolplex-25; both with O-CuK 1/2" ID Steel Reinforced PVC tubing. The first coolplex developed a crack and I put it down to general manhandling and just bought another. The second one then developed increasing cracks throughout the tube ( looked like scratches ) but did not leak until yesterday.. I will post pics tomorrow. Between these two events I came home one evening to find the swiftech reservoir almost disintegrated the glues lines and around the nozzles were all brittle like superglue when hardened. I was more concerned about the loss of the expensive FC-77 that had cost me £150 for 5 litres. One pump an Aquaextreme 50Z works well although choking intermittently after being down for a few days. I will take it apart and look for erosion. the Laing D5 seems to be okay.
The chemical cools just like water and does nothing when inadvertently spilt on electrical components-definitely non conductive. I haven't noticed any irritation when in contact with the skin and I tried my very very best not to put in my eye or inhale it ;P It does evaporate quicker than my monthly pay cheque lol. I am now considering fluid-XP; it's where I got the idea in the 1st place but wasn't readily available in the UK at the time.
hope this helps someone

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