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Default Re: Fluorinert eats plastic

I have been running Fluorinert (PF-5080) for at least two years now, and I can't say that I have ever noticed any issues with plastic (in my loop that is the pump and the flow sensor). Tubing is Tygon --again no issues here.

Fluorinert does expand much more than water does when it gets warm, hence you want to leave a bit of headroom in the tank.

I note that you use steel reinforced PVC tubing, which has very little give in it in terms of expansion. Depending on how full you fill your reservoirs, you may find that inadequate expansion room will, through repeated cycles of heat expansion/contraction by the Fluorinert, put stress on the reservoir (particularly at the glue joints) in much the same way that metal fatigue does its work. Many people have reported some reliability problems with glued reservoirs even with conventional water-based cooling liquids.
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