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Default Re: Ben's double header P2 450 MHz

Originally Posted by ben333
Here it is... I need an NLX riser card if anyone has one. I plan to water cool this and OC it as much as possible. It will be my new web server when done. Possible even my desktop (main rig) as I have found I don't really need a powerhouse and am trying to sell my current rigs. As for video I plan to use my good old TNT 2
Cool? Way cool!
I thought I was cool with a PIII 550, overclocked, two video cards (one of them is a rare 3DFX Voodo 5500 dual GPU even has two fans!) and two 15 giggers on a raid card...this has been my everyday computer for,...well, I put it together two weeks ago!

And I have an original IBM Desktop PC case laying around....Hmmm... watercooled?

If anyone can be of assistance I'm using CPUCool to overclock and the only choices are 548.7, 551.1, 566.5 and a lockup 682.0mhz. It's a 100 buss speed chip. What software should I be looking for?
My new rig....
Intel SE440BX-3, PIII 550 (@ 680)
MX440 275/332 (@ 350/400) and 3DFX Voodo 5 5500 160/160 (@180/180)
Two Opticals and 120 gigs (w/28gigs in RAID0) on 4 Maxstors
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