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Default Attention lurkers!

Okay, I am not known for my finess... But I do call it like I see it...

While I am very happy to see lots of "reads" on most of the message threads, I have always found it to be very disturbing that so damn few peope reply or post.

I have heard it all. I never have time, I don't know anything much on the subject, and so on and so forth into infinity. My favorite is, "there just aren't enough people to see much posting" (for various reasons). Well ya know what, if a message thread has enough people to have over 100 reads, then it has enough people to have more than say 2 or 3 peple posting.

A community like this is great, and even fun sometimes, when the people there are involved and everyone helping the everyone else, or just providing ideas, theories, or new things. But, it sucks crap when it is only a couple three people doing it all.

I have always tried to help when and where I could, even if I was busy, it got technical, or even when it got conflictive. I have always done so for free, even though this is how I make what little money I can these days, unless actual hardware or software was involved (covering my own costs). Hell I have even helped when it cost me plenty of money and time. But no more! Phoenix has a new policy....

I am sick and tired of helping people, or at least trying, when they can't even be bothered to return the favor to me or others. Often wthout so much as a thank you and/or how it all turned out... They speak up, only when they themselves need help, and then disappear just as quickly once they get what they want. Say what you want, but that is how it has been around here. FACT! It feels an awful lot like "being used" and no fun at all. To much like work.

Thus, my new personal policy is simple;

I will continue to help as best I can those who are ACTIVE members of the forum, just like I always have. But, if you are not an active member, I will read, AND NOT REPLY to your messages, just like you have done to my messages and others. PERIOD. If you refuse to reply to others when they need help, or be of some use to the forum, then you will only get my services for the price of those services.

So if you want my help ever, then either get active, or bring your wallet.

David... I will listen to your council (or agreement) on this...
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