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Default Fan Modules

Throughout both the Case and Radbox I needed fans, this was obvious, and with fans comes dust, lots of dust if you happen to live under a granite quarry on the side of a mountain. With my current box or any other box Ive had, cleaning the filters (if you could call them that) was a complete pain in the behind. So one night, during that short period of time where my brain seizures make some sort of sense before the nightmares begin, I thought hey...why not make a door for the filter? What evolved from that was my fan modules. Fan, Filter, Fan Standoff in one hinged door.

They are made from 2 pieces of MDF glued together, routed on the backside to fit in the filter, with 4 steel inserts to attach the fan with hex screws, and hinged. There are a total of 6 between the case and radbox. 3 of them are completed.


With Filter

Painted and Volla! Fan Module

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