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Default Re: Guardian OS units

Originally Posted by Phoenix32
Uh yeah... Let that be a lesson to you. Not all "jokes" are funny... And some just plain piss people off.

Send me a PM or an e-mail and tell me how much...

Sure, I am willing to share, but not for nothing. Quid Pro Quo does not seem to work around here, at least not for me, unless forced. So be it. Send me a PM or e-mail and let me know what it's worth to you.
well then I guess an im sorry is in order.

Sorry if i pissed you off no harm was intended.

you've got mail
Snap 4000 (460 gigs) 3.4.805 (US)
Snap 4100 (224 gigs) 3.4.803 (US)
Snap 4400 (500 gigs) GuardianOS 4.1.106
Snap 4400 (500 gigs) GuardianOS 4.1.106
Snap 4400 (1.09 TD) GuardianOS 4.1.106
MaxAttach 4300 (520 gigs) win2K3
ReadyNaS 600 (Dev Box) (1.03 TB) X-Raid
ReasyNaS 1000S waiting for drives
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