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Default I picked up a Kyrotech

So I saw a Kryotech case on Craigslist last week. $25.. Nothing inside it, just the essential Kryo gear.. So I jumped on it.. Not sure what I'd toss in it.. I run nothing but Mac's now, but I could build a Hackintosh and toss a Core 2 Duo or something in it.. Anyways.. I get it home and pop it open and it seems kind of fishy that there's only this big metal plate, no insulation, no clamshell thing that I remember them running. So I do some googling and it turns out this thing is the "Kryotech Renegade".. Their were two versions, I got the version with the LCD readout.. It was a cheapened and dumbed down version of the Kryotech meant to only cool the CPU down to room temperature. Blah, what the hell is the point really? Looks like Kryotech has since gone out of business. Poor guys, they don't even have a Wikipedia entry! Anyways.. I could toss on some pelts, but I've never liked pelts.. It's bad enough the refrigeration unit on this thing sucks down 140watts of power, I don't need another couple hundred watts of pelts.. I pay my own power bill, and I didn't just swap out 25 bulbs in my house with CCFL's just to be sucking down the power I saved in new ways.. I could cool my CPU down to room temp with water for almost nothing in wattage.. Anyways.. I bet there's a way to defeat the thermostat in this thing and get it to at least chill the CPU down to freezing.
Looking back on some of the overclocks that Kryotech did, they really were kind of lame.. Athlon 600 at 800.. I had my Athlon 600 at 933 on water.. K6-3 450 at 500.. 50MHz!?!?! Go home! heh.. And if you read between the lines, most of the reviewers had stability problems with the systems they were testing.. heh..
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