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Default Upgrading From SAS drives to SATA Drives

G'day Old Friends!

I am hoping that another member of the forum has done this kind of upgrade?

I plan on replacing SAS drives in a Snap 550 with SATA Drives....

The 550 has a SAS HBA that has the external connector for connecting S50's but it also connects directly to the backplane...

If it was an Adaptec HBA it would support both SAS & SATA Drives but its an LSI HBA, when I was selling Adaptec SAS HBA's it came up a few times that other Manf's SAS HBA's would not support both... these days I am sure this has changed but this system was released 5+ years ago...

There is a SAS Connector that looks identical to the LSI SAS HBA's Connector on the motherboard....

Do I have to change from the SAS HBA to the Motherboard connector?

Before I do anything I thought I would consult with you guys...
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