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Default Re: Getting back into the water

Thanks Joe!

So, didn't end up finishing the off-set mounting for the apogee block. I made a pair of ears that would have worked fine out of some 1018 steel but decided to go another direction. Planned on making a new top for my aquaextreme MP-05 since it was a modern enough design. In the midst of all that though I figured, what the hell, and ordered a $35 block from amazon. Got it a couple days ago, and I'm very impressed. Going to post my results with that in the coming days. The fit and finish is insane for the money... we'll see if it needs lapping or anything, but first impression is more than good. Also ordered half a dozen matching 1/2" G 1/4 fittings in black and those are now here... so that means whenever I feel like it, I can slap this baby together!
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