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Originally Posted by Terry Kennedy View Post
The 3GB issue isn't an operating system problem, it's a design "feature" in the original PC spec. Just like you couldn't have more than 640KB in the original PC, despite it being able to address 1MB, the space above 3GB has a buch of reserved chunks for memory-mapped devices.
Ah yes, of course. I hadn't considered that some areas are reserved and mapped into the available address space. I do understand, i just hadn't put much thought into it at the time. Reading the docs and seeing "N2000 can be expanded to 4GB" was bugging me that 'they' were advertising this but then limitations that can't be easily avoided were not allowing it to be possible. Almost bordering on false advertising to the layman i guess. Thanks for reminding me and clarifying that, Terry.

Originally Posted by Terry Kennedy View Post
Well, if the hardware is standard you could always run some other operating system on it. If the GOS is stored on a special flash module, you could just remove that in case you ever wanted to switch back. Personally, I'm using FreeBSD + ZFS on my 32TB RAIDzilla II's.
Although i say standard, it looks to be mostly SuperMicro built other than the mother board model number has a slightly different extension added to signify a modified OEM version of the original. Some components have been removed, (VGA, keyboard and mouse ports removed, for example) and some of the other unused bits in this application.

Yeah, i could run a different OS i guess but i'm quite happy for now at least, to run it as intended with GOS. I would imagine they have built in an EEPROM or similar to store the serial and server number and i have an element of fear that some other OS might overwrite or corrupt this info and render it useless for restoring to original. For now atleast the N2000 is too nice (and expensive) to risk i guess.

Your Zilla setup sounds awesome, and is certainly something to envy. I've just looked at the link and it looks even more impressive than i had first imagined. I may at some point look into some alternatives to GOS and Snaps but probably using either older servers that i have that aren't being used for anything right now or maybe a custom job in the future. I can say this though it's highly probable to be no where near as impressive as your Zilla II's. Fantastic!

Thanks for your feedback and input Terry. I do appreciate it.

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