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Default Re: Unable to log into Snap 2000 from Vista

holzinet! that was exactly what I needed. THAT DID THE TRICK! What I would like to have confirmed though is that updating the security policy in Vista to use LM and NTLM instead of just NTLMv2 on the OS would have worked instead of upgrading to 4.0.860. Oddly enough, until I made that policy change I was STILL unable to browse the shares on the Snap even with the .860 OS.

I can CONFIRM that there is a 4.0.860 FULL INSTALL that Adaptec can issue that can upgrade the Snap directly from to 4.0.860.

Based on this experience I would assume that it is possible to have Vista and the Snap authenticate properly once the security policy is updated regardless of the OS, but I would like for someone to confirm this.

Thanks to all for getting this figured out. I can now go off and try to tackle another Vista compatibility issue... but that is for another forum.
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