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More on Cooling, More Articles, More Comparisons

More help on WC esp, I see alot of new people making many mistakes with building new WC comps for the first time and making many mistakes mainly because theres so much this is better than that going around like example

Apogee VS Storm
Many people quote the differance using the same pump where these two block excel with two extremely different types of pump, Apogee will outpreform the storm with a high flow/low head pump.

but then factor in a high flow/high head like the
Alphacool DDC 18w with 4.7m Head and 600 LPH
(which is the Laing DDC-Pump 12V Ultra with modded alphacool top)
Makes it the best pump on the market, with this pump the storm outpreforms the apogee by 3-4C,

But other sites around the web arn't updating their articles with the newer products that basically turn the whole best/worst upsidedown, but the newbs read these older posts thinking those products are the best for their needs.

People do a great job on High CFM vs Low CFM but what about the pumps, every item in the water cooling circuit can contribute to temp lose but you dont test it, changing the pump can make a hugh differance with the storm water block, but we dont see any site doing detailed reviews on the whole loop just the item they are reviewing (lazy)
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