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I was a lurker for a long time. I gleaned as much knowledge about what other people were doing for their cooling desires and added that knowledge to my own. I've been watercooling with TEC's for a long, long time and that's where I generally specialize and put my time. However, what I don't see around here is new articles or new projects and that's what should drive a site like this. The problem with a scheme like that, is that you need people who are willing to endeavor taking on a project and then have the ability to present it in a cohesive and simple way that people can picture in their minds and see.

Another thing that could be brought up to speed is the quality of writing. The ability to translate mechanics to words can be difficult, but must be a necessity. Otherwise people will be left scratching their heads about what is being done. Also, there needs to be a level of judgement in the writings and what I mean by that is, is that if something is done a particular way and it works, it should be promoted unless someone comes up with a better way to do something. To many time, I read articles or reviews about how the reviewer perceives something about what he is doing, but won't convey that this is either the right way to do something or the wrong way to do it. Instead it's left to the devices of the reader to guess what is right and what isn't and that's not fair to the reader.

If you are going to go out of your way to write an article of how to do something then state that this is the way you did it and if it works, then it should be promoted as a right way. Also, the pooling of resources should be promoted here as well. There are many people on this forum who have ideas and then share them with others, but have no way to execute and realize those ideas into reality. There should be a way to bring multiple talents on this board amongst each other.
Set up a talent pool and see if any kind of genesis can form from people coming together. Not just on a forum, but in a real way where one guy in california can collaborate with a machinist on the east coast and let other watch the progress or chip in their 2 cents.

I realize that some of this stuff may be hard to implement or could be rejected, but I figure some ideas are better then no ideas.
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