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Finally got all the pieces together at the house, starting to put them into place.

Didn't get a reservoir, so fill & bleed will likely be... interesting. Might make one (got extra barbs). Was thinking of just modifying a bottle. (Say, Nalgene or something similar).

It is certainly the case that, with the bubbles, even small amounts, there is a sound to the cycling of the coolant through the system.

Ended up going with ThermoChill's PA120.3 and 3 x Nexus fans in "Pull" mode to provide airflow. Due to the size of the setup, the rad will have to hang outside the back of the case. This also means I'll have to get creative with a Dremmel and some carbide cutting bits. Hrmm... wonder if I can get some of those Antec rubber gaskets like the ones they have for the stock tube holes. Fabricating the brackets - now that's a different challenge. Hope I am up to it. We'll see.

The Nexus fans are remarkably quiet. Didn't realize how quiet they are. (Yay and some such).

Using the taps I have, threaded the pre-drilled holes in the PA120's frame to be 6x32, got some 6x32 1.25" flat-head screws at Home Depot, along with some neoprene washers to isolate any and all vibrations. One washer is between the screw and the fan, another between the fan and the radiator's frame, so another trip will be in order for some weather striping to seal those. Plus the fans do not butt up against each other, so that air gap could use a seal, too.

What has been said about the pump vibrating is definately true. Thanks to the advice of bobkoure, got the gel stuff, so that should do wonders.

I'd take pics, but all I have is the phone camera (1.3MP), and they tend to come out looking rather fuzzy. If I get my hands on a decent camera, there shall be pictures.
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