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Default Re: Unable to log into Snap 2000 from Vista

Hi evoraz1,

I'm running 4.0.860 too on my 2200 and I can access the shares without problems when I was updating the security policy in Vista.

I can copy files, folders and can also delete files but can only remove empty folders.
At the webinterface I can see the right username from vista connection like from XP, so I could not understand, where the difference of the connections is.
Before changing the security policy there was no real username at the webinterface (you can see at "active users"), caused of the wrong authentication mechanism. So now everything should be the same like connecting from xp!?

But for me the problem to solve is still the possibility to remove non-empty folders on the share. If I connect from Vista to another client running xp or to a linux client with samba 3.0 I've no problems to handle. Connecting from xp to the snap server works also perfect. So there must be another difference with the connection between XP and Vista.

I've tried to find a sollution the hole day, but no success, I think at the end it is a problem with the samba version in 4.0.860.
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