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Default SnapServer 210 - COMPLETE OS reinstallation?


I have a SnapServer 210 running GuardianOS and I need to completely reinstall the OS. I was able to get my hands on an image via their technical support hotline, so I have that, but the GUI only gives me the option to upgrade, not to reinstall. If I could get it to boot into maintenance mode (like it does automatically when there is a problem with the OS) I believe there is an option to do a complete reinstall. Can anybody help me with this process? Is there a secret command I don't know about? Is there a specific URL I can access that will bring me to the Maintenance Mode page? Is there something I can do via the debug interface that will break the server enough to cause it to go into maint mode without breaking it so badly that I can't access it?

P.S. The server is several states away, so I need to do this without physically touching it, if possible.
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