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Default /sadmin/debug.cgi

Hi Guys,

Just doing a clean of a 410...

Upgrade instructions when snap couldn't get Gos5 to work through the Gui...
I came on here first but they weren't as clear....

To upgrade from Gos 4.4.049 to Gos 5, these simple steps needs to be followed.

1. Login to snap with admin rights via webgui.

2. in address bar of browser, after ip address or name of unit, enter in /admin/debug.cgi
-[ /sadmin/debug.cgi for the later versions ]
This will give you a text box window with a ok button.

3. type in touch /nopivot, this will tell the system to boot into recovery mode no next boot, where we can do the upgrade of Gos.

4. enter in reboot -n, this will tell the system to reboot
You will need to give it about 2 minutes for it to boot into recovery mode then refresh browser.

5. when in recovery mode, point to the location off where Gos5 install file is.

6 At bottom of the page you can pick, repair/upgrade or fresh full install, pick "upgrade/update" then enter ok button.
It will copy the file over,"do not move from this page", as you will see streaming text on this page as it starts to extract and install the files onto the snap server.

After this is done, you will see a reboot button, press it an system will reboot up onto new Gos 5 software.

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