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Default Re: What happened to the Jet design? (Cathar, where are you? ;-)

Originally Posted by -=Mr_B=- View Post
I thought i should ask, and i might as well do it here. Cathar offhanded the Storm/G7 thingy to Swiftech who since then pretty much did... Nothing to it? It's now again replaced with microchannel designs, or micro "pin array designs" and every company with any "pride" has plate with a bunch of holes in different patterns in there block. These are usually called "jet plates" or something stupid like that, even as they aren't anything like the jets i've been expecting to see.

So, my question is... What happened? Did everyone decide that microchannel designs were better when i looked the other way, or is it simply cost in manufacturing making the blocks with this design to impractical, or even impossible to turn a profit on?

I miss the good old days. It feels like only yesterday...
Pins design is more flexible and works better at lower flow rates. Manufacturing is much easier as they are either casted or milled with fast efficent cross cut bits. Swiftech had to pick the one that is overall most effective for their lineup. The pin grid was it. Others went the same direction for the same reasons.
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