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Default Re: Reserator 1 v2 video card compatibility

Originally Posted by Mihnea1231 View Post

I jave just bought a watercooling system Reserator 1 v2.
I would like to know if exists on the market a compatible videocard, from witch i can remove the fan
and put the reserator's vga block, ZM-GWB3, on it. So could you give me models of videocards,
i want a new videocard, one whitch is still in production.

The ZM-GWB3 should fit almost any video card.

Ii necessary i can buy also a VGA RAM Block.

No, there are heat sinks you can attach to the VGA memory.

Actually i have a ATI SAPHIRE HD 4670, but i think it's not compatible, isn't it ?

That would be a question for Zalman.

So if there is a solution to connect my Reserator to a new videocard, even if i have to by other VGA blocks,
could you give me the name of the model of the videocard (and ther name of other VGA block if necessary)

That would be a question for Zalman.

Also , can you tel me if the reserator pump will make more noise if i connect the system to the video card ?
(I want to connect it to the cpu and the nord bridge as well)

No, it will not make more noise.

Thank you.
What CPU are you cooling now? How are your temperatures?
How are the temps with a heavy CPU load. for example with OCCT or Orthos?

I'm affraid to say that the Reserators don't really have a lot of heat removal capability, and cooling a CPU, GPU and northbridge all together could be more than a Reserator can handle.

Swiftech, Danger Den, Enzotech, Frozen CPU, Performance-PC, and Petra's all manufacture or sell a wide range of water cooling parts.
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