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Default Re: Reserator 1 v2 video card compatibility

Originally Posted by Mihnea1231 View Post
My priority is NOT low temperature and performance for overcloking, but LOW NOISE.

Do you think Reserator can handle good enough the cooling of these components without any overclooking, just to keep working ?

-Intel core duo 3.0 ghz
-Norht bridge
-ATI Radeon HD3850 (don't have it yet i am planning to buy it since Zalman sell a -VGA block compatible for it)
-2 case noctua 120 fans, at 600 rpm (do you think i can turn them off ???????)
-low heat power suppply with fan automatically triggered only when heat rise

My guess is that you'll be OK. Maybe pretty warm though.

I'd be wary of turning off case fans. You still have to cool the MB, HDD(s), optical drive(s) and memory.

Try Hardware Monitor to check temps.
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